Celebration continues for Radisson Blu Employee of the Year

As announced in our story on February 24, Stephen Hornstein, long-time bell captain at the Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia was honored last month as 2013 Radisson Blu Employee of the Year at the Radisson and Radisson Blu Business Conference in Minneapolis. The celebration continued this week at an employee event held in his honor, and in a feature story on Philly.com. The article recalls his colorful memories and career highlights—from the many transformations of the historic building that is now the Radisson Blu Warwick, to the many famous politicians, actors, rock stars, athletes, even mob bosses, he has greeted at its door. 

Joanne Cunningham, the hotel’s general manager, shared her accolades about Steve in the article saying, “he’s always been a star worker, the kind of guy who makes you feel that you are the only person in the room, even if you're standing on the sidewalk with a busload of people.”  She added exclamation to her point later in the story when she praised Steve’s undeniable loyalty and exceptional guest service this way, “He [treats the hotel] like it is his business, like he owns the reputation of the hotel!" 

Steve’s remarkable story includes colorful anecdotes about famous guests he has served, odd errands he has run, and his hometown loyalty. Enjoy the entire feature on Philly.com, and join in congratulating Steve on this very deserving recognition.

Photo of Steve Hornstein, above, was taken by Matthew Hall, staff photographer for Philly.com.

March 12, 2014
Photo caption:
Steve Hornstein, who was honored as the 2013 Radisson Blu Employee of the Year last month, was celebrated this week by the whole community, back home in Philadelphia.