Dream with your all comes to Carlson headquarters

A larger-than-life Carlson logo, created by an internationally recognized artist, is now greeting employees and visitors to the Carlson headquarters building in Minneapolis. “Dream with your All,” a multmedia masterpiece created by artist Phil Hansen, captures the dreams of employees around the world. The specially commissioned art piece was created to mark the company’s milestone 75th anniversary.

Hansen wove our collective dreams for Carlson’s future into a collaborative piece: a three-dimensional Carlson logo on a gray background. Each element of the floret is colorized with our dreams—all 500 of them—handwritten by the artist.

During our 2013 Values Week, Carlson president and chief executive officer Trudy Rautio invited staff to share what the Carlson Credo phrase “Dream with your all” meant to them. More than 500 employees responded, sharing their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the company and themselves.

Those phrases were masterfully assembled by Hansen, who says he carefully arranged them so there wouldn’t be duplication. Shorter thoughts were interspersed with longer, poetic writings, all printed by hand with specially colored markers matching our corporate colors. The finished piece, which was unveiled at our December 2013 global town hall, has been mounted in the hallway outside Carlson’s main elevators where it will serve as a reminder to guests and colleagues alike to always “dream with your all.”

“Dream with you all means not to hold back when you are inspired to do something; do it in full and to the end,” wrote one colleague. “If you dream hard enough, your dream will become reality; there are no limits to what we can achieve,” wrote another. “

“Wow,” said one of the first employees to see the completed installation as she walked off the elevator. “It looks really great,” said another while two colleagues searched for phrases they contributed to the project.

To view the video of Phil creating the new dream with your all art, click here

February 10, 2014
Photo caption:
A multimedia Carlson logo art piece, commissioned for Carlson’s 75th anniversary, has been installed in corporate headquarters in Minneapolis to serve as a reminder to guests and colleagues to dream with your all.

"Dream with your All" is on display in the elevator lobby area on the main floor of Carlson's headquarters building in Minneapolis.