AH&LA releases 2014 Pro-Growth Policy agenda

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) has released its 2014 Pro-Growth Policy Agenda, a tool it sees as significant in the industry’s work to inform key constituencies of issues that will advance and promote the lodging sector’s economic growth and job creation in this country.

“Together, with the broad platform of engagement growing out of our new association model, the agenda enables our membership in all 50 states to share a clear and proactive agenda with a loud and unified voice,” said Kathryn Lugar, president and chief executive officer of AH&LA, in a letter to members. “Our audience,” she continued, “is first and foremost, the Washington policymakers responsible for the policies that impact your business' bottom line. Lodging is strong and growing, and it is important that Congress and the Administration understand that what they do can either support further growth or inhibit our progress.”

This year, AH&LA’s policy agenda focuses on three main areas: workforce; technology and tax; and government travel and promotion of travel and tourism. Work will focus on legislation and regulations to ensure the lodging industry has access to a strong workforce; advancing tax policies that enable hoteliers to operate on a level playing field with online competitors; promoting responsible federal travel policies; and securing passage of meaningful immigration reform.

AH&LA is encouraging its members to take part in its upcoming Legislative Action Summit (LAS), in Washington, D.C., on April 1-2.

According to Lugar, “LAS remains the most effective way of illustrating the strength of the lodging industry to members of Congress, the Senate and the Administration. The key industry goals outlined in the policy agenda will help them understand the importance of their actions on hotels across the country. Unified advocacy is the key to ensuring our congressmen and senators recognize that this industry is a linchpin of the economy.”

January 29, 2014
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Focusing on three key areas: workforce; technology and tax; and promotion of travel and tourism, the proactive agenda headline the upcoming American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AH&LA) Legislative Action Summit.