Compliance deadline for pool accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act is January 31

The deadline for pool and spa accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is just three weeks away and AH&LA is urging members to review their properties for compliance.

Last year, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) was able to secure a one-year extension for compliance to January 31, 2013. According to current Department of Justice (DOJ) guidelines, all existing pools and spas at lodging facilities must do the following by that date, if it is readily achievable:

  • Provide at least one means of entry (pool lift or sloped entry) as long as it is readily achievable. Pools with 300 linear feet or more of wall must have a pool lift or entry, and one additional means of entry, which can be one of the following:
    • pool lift
    • sloped entry
    • transfer system
    • transfer wall
    • pool stairs.

  • Have the pool lift  in position and ready for use during all hours the pool is open

  • Each body of water (e.g., pools, spas) must have a separate means of entry (there are special rules for clusters of spas)

  • Pool lifts must be attached to the pool deck or apron in some manner, unless it is not readily achievable to affix them

  • If a pool is not opened to the public on January 31, access is not required until the pool is opened

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has provided the following resources to further clarify: a guidance memo and a Questions and Answers document.

AH&LA has also provided an analysis of the Department of Justice (DOJ) guidelines to AH&LA members. To review the analysis, click here. Additionally, AH&LA’s 2012 ADA Guide, covering pool accessibility compliance and the other 2010 standards hoteliers must meet, is available by clicking here (login required).

For more information, contact AH&LA Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs Kevin Maher at +1 (202) 289-3147.

January 10, 2013
Photo caption:
With the extended deadline fast approaching for hotels to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pool lift requirements, AH&LA offers a reminder and resources.