Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport staff turned World Cleanup to bridge “buildup”

Tim Struzynski, general manager, and his team at the Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport know all about building bridges in the figurative sense, but when his team turned up for a community-organized “Hands on Nashville” volunteering event, they learned about it in a literal sense, too.

As part of its contribution to the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group World Cleanup initiative in September, Tim and his staff were assigned a bridge painting project in Radnor Lake State Park, just south of metropolitan Nashville. Clad in “World Cleanup” tees and painting pants, guess what this hotel “painting” crew found when they reached the bridge? It wasn’t finished. So, Tim led his ambitious group of 10, who picked up shovels and finished the work that needed to be completed.

They shoveled and moved gravel. Then, mulch had to be hauled in and spread. And, just when they thought all the shoveling and hauling was complete, the park volunteer coordinator asked for more! More shoveling, that is. Another large pile of rocks needed to be cleaned up as well. The setting in the Lake Radnor woods was a lovely backdrop to a hard day’s work, and at the end of the day, well, that bridge was ready for the next group of volunteers to paint!

“It was a little more than we bargained for,” said Tim, “but it allowed us to accomplish more than we bargained for, too!”

When he asked one of his crewmembers what the pay for the day should be, her response was “the pride of being part of this team, and a project that will keep our state park and community beautiful for so many, is more than enough for me!”

Photo below:

Top left (L-R): Jayne Tirey, night manager, and Lindsey Griffith, sales manager
Top right: John Anderson, front desk and shuttle driver
Amy Alalouf, sales manager
Center Right: Tim Struzynski, general manager
Bottom Left: Front row (L-R): Natalie Sharp; Tim Struzynski, general manager; Lindsey Griffith, sales manager; Amy Alalouf, sales manager; Kayla Davenport; Jayne Tirey, night manager; Back row (L-R): John Anderson, front desk and shuttle driver; Ian Anderson; Kevin Griffith; and Connie Davenport, front office manager
Bottom Right (L-R): John and Ian Anderson

October 17, 2012
Photo caption:
Set for a day of sprucing up at Radnor Lake State Park in Tennessee, this Radisson volunteer team quickly became a bridge brigade.

Tim Struzynski and his Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport volunteer crew completed a project at Radnor Lake State Park for the World Cleanup intiative.